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Group calls: announcement details


Dear friends!

On May 20, group calls will appear in our application. This is a very big step for our project and very important functionality for you, our users.

Today we will tell you how group calls will work right after the release.

After the update, the call icon will appear in the group chat header - as in this picture:

At the moment, we are realizing the ability to call a group of no more than 17 people. This is due to some technical limitations. Of course, we plan to expand the number of participants allowed for a group call, but we will do it gradually.

The algorithm to cope with group calls is almost the same as with calls between two users. If you have already granted Gem4me the access to the microphone, then when you click on the call icon, you will immediately be transferred to the call screen (there will be no intermediate confirmation screen, as when calling one friend).

On the call screen you will see a complete list of all members of the group. An example is below.