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MarketSpace: The Beginning of a Global Redesign


Good afternoon!

We took the first step towards a global redesign of MarketSpace. The update has affected the following pages and elements:

1. Main page:

- The appearance of the page and controls has been completely changed so that the search for products becomes faster and more convenient;

- A new, more informative type of product tile has been developed. Now the description text and price are already visible on the card itself;

- A new look for widgets of banners and products has been introduced. Using widgets, you can now quickly find discounts and promotions and expand the entire list of products you are interested in;

- Added quick selection of categories, as well as sorting products by price and popularity. A convenient and more informative catalog will allow you to quickly find the desired category, and sorting - the goods.

2. Product card:

- The controls and display of basic product information have changed.

3. Favorites:

- The display of selected products has also been changed - in accordance with changes to the product tile;

- Added a widget “Related Products” for quick product searches and creating additional offers.

4. Profile:

- The display of the user profile has been changed, the controls have been added with new functionality - now they are unified with the messenger controls.

The MarketSpace team began work on the redesign with the most important functions, with each subsequent release all the elements will be updated sequentially. The full redesign will be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

See you soon!

MarketSpace Development Team

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