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MarketSpace: results of the year 2020


We launched Marketspace in September 2019. Our main idea was clear from the very beginning: we wanted the MarketSpace trading platform to work in close conjunction with the Gem4me messenger and so it was easy and comfortable to use for everyone - buyers, sellers, just lovers of wandering around the shops and looking at interesting products.

At the beginning of 2020, several hundred ads appeared on our trading platform. But creating them was not very convenient: sellers had to use a separate application - a dashboard. Therefore, we almost immediately began to prepare a new design for MarketSpace - more beautiful, convenient and functional.

March 2020

We have added functionality for creating ads directly in the MarketSpace interface.

May 2020

We released a new design for MarketSpace.

June 2020

In June, we improved the options for managing ads: we added new statuses and the ability to edit already published products, and also expanded the information about the product (manufacturer, model, color) displayed for both the buyer and the seller. Also, additional information became available to the seller about how buyers react to the product, for example, how many potential buyers have added it to their favorites.

July 2020

In July, we took up the product promotion functionality: we implemented the opportunity to place it in the Popular section, highlight our ad or raise it in the general list (looking ahead: you can still use this function only in the USA and Canada, but gradually we will expand the geography and cover the entire world).

Also we added currency management and information display in the Profile and enabled the ability to show the product on video: we earned links to Youtube, VIMEO and VKontakte.

August 2020

We devoted the entire August and early September to developing the web version of Marketspace. In mid-September, MarketSpace also became available to users of the Gem4me web version. Then we added the dark theme support. Now when you install a dark theme in the messenger, Marketspace automatically switches to the dark theme.

October 2020

In October, we received the long-awaited acquiring for accepting funds in favor of sellers from the USA and Canada, and immediately started developing a new version of MarketSpace, which would allow settlements between sellers and buyers using the platform's means.

November 2020

That version was released in November. We also added a list of orders for buyers and sellers, the ability to contact the MarketSpace support team or report an ad.

December 2020

In December, we expanded the capabilities of US and Canadian sellers by adding the ability to manage orders. The seller can now refund an order paid through MarketSpace and cancel any orders that were not paid on time.

At the very end of the year, we finally solved one of the most important issues related to the indication of geolocation. Now the seller can indicate the address (exact or approximate) of his store, and the buyer can search for goods near him.

Plans for 2021

We are constantly receiving suggestions from you how to improve Marketspace. Thank you for them, your feedback is invaluable, we understood and did a lot, thanks to you, our users. Something we have already implemented, something just planned for 2021.

  1. In January we will add the ability to withdraw funds received for the sale of goods to a bank account. So far, all financial transactions work only in the USA and Canada, but during 2021 we expect to deploy the system to the whole world.
  2. We will develop the delivery functionality. The seller will be able to indicate where and with what services he is ready to deliver the goods, and the buyer can choose from all the options the one that he likes the most.
  3. We will give sellers the opportunity to beautifully design and format the ad text, and we also plan to change the display of pictures on the first page and in the product card: all images will be neatly cropped, they can be expanded and viewed in full screen.
  4. During the first quarter of 2021, we will conduct a full audit of the seller's functionality to finally make sure that the whole process - from publishing the product to receiving money - works perfectly.

The MarketSpace team would like to thank you for your support in 2020. We wish you a Happy New Year and hope that in 2021 you can do everything that you could not in 2020, so that all your plans come true and new ones appear!

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