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MarketSpace: now with sales


Good afternoon friends.

We have finally finished all the preparatory work and are starting to accept payments via MS in Europe. Verified sellers who live in European countries and prefer to receive payment in EUR can now do this through our service. If you are interested in this option, just contact support.

Now acquiring is set up in this way: debiting takes place in Bulgarian leva (BGN) at the euro exchange rate. Since the BGN exchange rate is rigidly fixed in relation to EUR, you don't have to worry, the final amount will not change. The system will automatically recalculate the amount payable from EUR to the amount in BGN. Payment passes through the gateway of the Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) system. This is a proven international system that guarantees the security of your payments.

We also added the ability to create sales for store owners. Now the store can announce a sale for a certain time and for certain products. A sale can be created in advance and at the appointed time it will become available to buyers. Changes in the cost of the price will be proposed and calculated by the system itself based on the sale data (discount in% of the original cost or a fixed discount from the original cost). The suggested sale price can be changed for specific items if what the system suggested doesn't work. After the sale period expires, product prices will automatically be restored to their original prices.

But that's not all! For every MarketSpace user, we have added a list of favorite stores. If you liked the store and want to periodically view its range of goods, then save it to your favorites. You will see sellers in your favorite stores list in the same way you see products/services.

The release also includes improvements in displaying information in MarketSpace in its various sections. Please note that verification in the mobile version of MarketSpace is now available without going to the passport. The detailed information about the product or service displays the category in which this ad is published. Now this is a link to go to the list of ads in this category.

We have also expanded the delivery options - if you decide to send the order not to your address, but to someone as a gift, you can specify the actual name, contacts and address of the recipient.

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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