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MarketSpace: What's New in December Release


Good afternoon friends.

We are pleased to announce that we have released an updated version of MarketSpace, in the preparation of which we took your comments and suggestions into account.

First of all, we have expanded the functionality of payments with a bank card for goods from the USA and Canada. Please note that now the list of payment cards is not available in the menu, since card verification is not required yet. For the comfort of paying for purchases, you can save the card after paying.

We also created a separate section for sellers - Seller Area. Through this section you can now manage your ads (create new ads, edit ready-made ones, etc.). Here you will also see a list of orders that buyers have left for your ads. From this list, you can go directly to the chat with the buyer, as well as reject unpaid orders or make a refund.

We took into account your wishes and changed the rule for calculating the available products when opening a chat with a customer: if earlier, when opening such a chat from the product card, the number of products was automatically reduced, now it remains unchanged. In addition, now, when you go to the chat, a link to a specific product is displayed, rather than to a page with order information.

For buyers in the profile, the section “My orders” is still available, in which information about all your purchases is aggregated. Now you can go to the chat with the seller directly from this section.

We have also added a section “About Marketspace”, which displays the version of the application, User Agreement, Privacy Policy. Here you can also send a request to the support service.

You can now contact support from the ad card. If you notice a product on the site that clearly does not fit the MarketSpace policy, we will be very grateful if you fill out a short feedback form. Every request is forwarded to MarketSpace support.

We thank you for your feedback and suggestions and continue to work to make MarketSpace the most convenient and secure trading platform in the world.

Always yours,

MarketSpace Development Team

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