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MarketSpace: February release


Good evening!

You have been asking us for a long time to give you the opportunity to manage the cost of delivery and pickup in MarketSpace, and we are finally ready to take the first step. Since the functionality is quite complex, we decided to release it gradually. If you already have a working store on our platform, we will give you enough time so that you can update all the necessary data.

 What can be added already?

  • Information about the cost of delivery depending on the country of the recipient of the goods
  • Pickup points;
  • Delivery cost including pickup.

Please note that at this stage MarketSpace itself does not provide a delivery service, so we have no influence on its cost. Every seller independently sets the price based on their capabilities and preferred delivery methods. At the same time, for each product (or an entire store), you can specify several delivery methods, with different prices and terms.

Also, the current release includes the ability to specify a list of countries in which products from your store are available. By default, after release, all products in all previously created stores are available worldwide. If you are not ready to deliver your goods too far, limit the list of available territories to limits that are reasonable for you.

In the next release, we will add convenient features for shoppers so they can see at a glance which markets are delivering goods to their country. The country automatically determined by the system can be changed manually (this may be necessary if, for example, you are going to make a gift to a person who lives in another country, and are looking for stores that deliver there, and not to your place of residence). The delivery amount will be visible immediately and correspond to the selected country.

Stay with us and follow the news!

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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