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MarketSpase: Plans for the Future


Good afternoon friends. Today we will tell you about the plans for the development of MarketSpace.

In the third quarter of this year, we plan to add the ability to specify the countries in which you want (or in which you don't want) to show your ad. In addition, we will add the ability to translate the ad text into multiple languages.

We are also actively working on the development of a store card concept, which would allow those who already have an online store to set up automatic product downloads from an existing website, and in the future - create a system of ratings and reviews about the store.

The first stage of the loyalty program is also under development. Active MarketSpace members and users of our messenger Gem4me will receive bonus points to their personal virtual account. They can be spent on promoting your products or services on the MarketSpace platform.

And finally - we have planned to connect the functionality for the sales this year. You can arrange your own Black Fridays and attract new customers with good discounts.

Stay in touch!

MarketSpace Development Team

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