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MarketSpace: 2nd July Update


Good afternoon, friends.

In the first half of July, we released a version that allows legal entities to create stores. Over the past couple of weeks, we have made many more improvements, in particular:

  1. Improved the display of market details - for both the buyer and the seller;
  2. It's now possible to view products / announcements published in other languages using the built-in translator (we also left the opportunity to view the original text);
  3. Changed the rules for accepting a link for a video (now a larger list of possible link options is supported);
  4. Corrected the design, especially the dark theme;
  5. Now you can go to verification from MarketSpace.

The list of available functionality for stores now looks like this:

  1. You can create a store by transforming an existing registration (from an individual to a legal entity);
  2. You can edit the store description if any information was entered incorrectly;
  3. You can import data from an existing store (available in the web version). You can import a list of goods either from a manually prepared MS Excel file, or by loading data in CSV format, which is usually obtained as a result of unloading data from another system;
  4. You can share a link to the store.

Brief information about the store is reflected in each product. From each product card, you can go to the store page, where full data is displayed - contacts, information about the legal entity and a list of available products.

MarketSpace currently operates in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish. In the near future, we will launch another language - Indonesian.

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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