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MarketSpace: new home page


Hello everyone!

In the last update of MarketSpace in 2021, we completely redesigned the home page. Now you will see only the best offers from our sellers here - discounted ads, new ads and the most popular products. Based on which products you browse the most, we will suggest you the same products from other ads (in the featured list) to make it easier for you to find the product that suits you. At the end of the page, you will find the bestsellers - the products that are in the greatest demand.

Earlier we wrote that in MarketSpace now you have the opportunity to work as a legal entity and create a store. Very soon such stores will be displayed on the main page in the "Top Stores" section. If you are still thinking about starting a store, hurry up - places in the top are limited, and there are many who want it too. You can initiate the connection of the store directly from the main page.

In addition to the changes mentioned, we also worked with the Favorites, Orders and Transactions pages - now they look clear and neat. Also, in the mobile version, the work of search has been changed: now, just like in the Web version, the initial search gives information about the match of the search string both in the title of the ad, and in the name of the category or hashtag. Next, you can select what you are interested in and see the result.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We believe that next year will be interesting and successful for all of us, and we will delight you with good news in January.

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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