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MarketSpace: May Update


Good day!

We've released a new update for the MarketSpace, in which we tried to take into account your comments on improving the functionality. For example, we have added the ability to view images in full screen, so now any product can be viewed in details.

In the Web version, in the category search bar, as well as in the details of the market, a display of all levels of categories has appeared. For you, that provides, first of all, comfort in search and navigation: now with one click you can view all markets in the selected category.

You also asked us to enable you to view products in your language. We have satisfied this request and implemented auto-translation, so now the list of markets is displayed in the same language as the app by default.

Also we have changed the section for sellers: now you can contact the support service from the products list. In the Web version, we have changed the display of the list of markets and in the next release we will give you the ability to conduct actions for several markets at once (for example, you can delete all of them in one click or remove several products from sale at once).

Stay tuned!

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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