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MarketSpace: What's New?


Good afternoon friends.

We continue to work on the development of MarketSpace. At the moment, several changes have been implemented for your convenience. So, we've changed the top panel of the Web version - we added the ability to contact support from any page from the top panel, and also added the ability to go to the "My listings" list from this panel, which is convenient for sellers. We've improved search performance: now it searches for matches not only in the title, but also in hashtags, and gives information in which sections and what was found (matches by word and by hashtag).

In the Web-version of MS, a search page has appeared (transition from the search bar), which displays a tree of categories in which there is an ad with a match. You can also add an additional search filter - country and city. In the future, we will expand the list of filters and give you more options for selecting interesting ads.

We would like to emphasize that now we have the opportunity to undergo verification in the Web version (previously it was possible only from a smartphone).

For the convenience of sellers, we have added the ability to remove irrelevant ads to the archive. The archive is intended for ads that are no longer needed (you will no longer sell this product for some reason), but if necessary, an ad from the archive can also be restored. You can also delete an ad from the archive.

Stay tuned and follow the news!

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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