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MarketSpace: good news for sellers


Good afternoon friends.

In the current release, we have prepared the functionality that is necessary for the work of sellers. A new menu item has been added to the corresponding section - “Settings for payments”. This form allows the merchant to indicate how often he prefers to receive withdrawals, as well as the details of the bank account to which money is to be sent. Merchants from the US and Canada can now accept payments through MarketSpace if the price of the item was specified in USD.

The release also includes an improvement for markets: now you can enter a short description to display the product in the list, as well as make a more detailed description of the product with text formatting - bold, lists (useful for products that have technical characteristics), paragraph splitting. Previously created ads can also be edited.

We recommend that you use the formatting functionality when creating your ads so that your products look beautiful and attract more buyers.

Stay tuned for news!

Always yours,

MarketSpace team

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