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Good afternoon friends.

We continue to expand the functionality of the stores in MarketSpace - with a new update, released last week, we added the ability to customize the home page. The store's home page now displays a complete list of products, and if you like the way it looks, you may leave it. But, in our opinion, the updated functionality will make the home page much more interesting: you can place a banner on it, highlight the most important categories (“carousels” with ads from these categories will appear) and place a list of ads that you want to highlight it separately.

The development of stores does not stop there: in the next release we plan to add sales functionality. You can set up discounts as it suits you, according to the desired list of ads and at any time. The sale price will be active for the specified time and will return to the normal level at the end of the sale.

Stay tuned and follow the news,

always yours,

MarketSpace team

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