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MarketSpace: launch of acquiring in the USA and Canada



We are pleased to announce that we have passed the first stage of the global launch of acquiring in MarketSpace. Now it is fully connected in the United States and Canada. Sellers in these territories can already create stores where the sale of goods is carried out through banking services built into MarketSpace. This is convenient for both the seller and the buyer, because both receive guarantees (the buyer knows that money will be debited from his account only upon receipt of the goods, and the seller is confident that money will be credited to his account in the event of complete fulfillment of obligations).

In order for the seller to be able to use these services, he needs to go through verification in the Gem4me messenger (section "Passport") and upload at least one product to his store on MaketSpace.

When creating a product page, please do not forget that shipping costs must already be included in the price. This is a temporary solution, while we are developing a full-fledged delivery functionality, where the buyer himself chooses how he wants to receive the goods.

Please note that the MarketSpace Team must check the details of each seller and all the goods displayed by him and allows them to be sold only if there are no prohibited distribution among them. Consideration of the application takes place on weekdays. If everything is in order with your status and product range, you will receive a notification from the Support team and will be able to accept card payments.

On the territory of Russia and other countries (except for the USA and Canada), only purchases using a card are available. Verification is not required to complete a purchase. We will inform you additionally about the connection of acquiring in new territories.

If you have any questions - we are always happy to answer, please contact or the Gem4me support chat

Always yours,

MarketSpace Development Team

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