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Gem4me geography is quite widespread: the project is being invested in from various countries. Each of them have their own unique stories, and yet they are all united with confidence in the project’s success. We spoke with investors from Czech Republic and Finland in order to find out how they joined the project and how it changed their lives.  

Galina Bashevan

Investor from Czech Republic  

I’ve been living in Czech Republic for 20 years now. I started working with network marketing at the time of the move in order to adapt to living in a new country, make new friends and connections. Initially, I worked with makeup companies as I myself am a woman, although after the financial crisis of 2008 it was time to think of more serious investment products.  

I was invited to join the Gem4me project during Christmas of 2016 - which was rather symbolic. It was a Christmas present with a meaning, as we chose not to spend money on presents and purchased Premium packages of shares for each family member instead.  This was a crucial event for all of us. 

It was by far not my first experience with investing. I’ve participated in a different investment project before,  which I had major hopes for, but unfortunately it turned out to be a catastrophe. Perhaps, that is exactly the reason for why Gem4me was a breath of fresh air for me. I began to evaluate and understand what aspects need to  be considered right away, while my unfortunate experience is seen as a lesson. At times when something doesn't go as planned, one needs to slow down, do corrections but must never lose optimism and deny surprises of fate. 

The first notion that attracted me back when I learned of Gem4me was — it being in demand. Even if I didn’t join the project it would be worth learning about it as it is an in-demand IT product.

I was inspired by the general mindset and team spirit when I joined the project, as everyone had 2 years of profound work behind their shoulders at the time. It was a rather serious and breakthrough stage when 1 million of downloads was achieved. I learned more about the project’s history and it truly inspired me, as I joined it with “fresh wounds” and it was essential to understand how everything works, how the project’s administration operates and feel the confidence.  

I learned about crowdinvesting with Gem4me and understood that these are properly documented investments, and not a voluntary raise of money for unknown purposes. It is a startup that has a distinct developer - Synesis, which is creating the messenger and I was pleasantly impressed by it. I visited their office in Minsk and saw the major and powerful establishment that Synesis is, which made me feel even more confident in investing in the project.  

As of today, I conduct presentations for potential investors and I always bring 4 documents with me - the 4 audits of the project that depict continuous growth, capitalization and development of the project. All of my presentations are based on these 4 documents. I have enormous respect towards the company as it conducts a completely transparent project in full legal accordance to the world’s laws. This aspect makes me very proud. 

Additionally, I have a personal story that showed how genuine and caring the people that I work with are. 

My son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019: a young man who enjoys sports, plays soccer since youth and is very active! Any mother would simply freeze in despair not knowing what to do in such a situation, but the company had truly helped me at this time of hardship, not just mentally but also financially.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the company’s “Helping with All of the World” Charity Fund. I was not left alone to face the problem, as such situations demand rapid action. He feels better at this time, as not one second was lost on the path towards his recovery.

Why am I mentioning this? Investments, money and phenomenal profits are undoubtedly essential; however, when the company’s partners are heartfelt and caring people the company itself is truly enlightened. This is one of Gem4me’s advantages. I am grateful to everyone, while everything that we invest in the project is being multiplied. We are creating a world-wide brand! Gem4me — is the pride of a major international team! 

Valterri Montus 

Entrepreneur, Investor from Finland

I am currently retired, although I was an entrepreneur for many years and understand that my approach to being without something to do cannot be changed. Entrepreneurship is for the rest of my life.

It was hard to find a job back when I moved to Finland in 1991. I would take any job I could find despite the fact that I have a degree and was the head of a metallurgical facility in Russia for about 15 years. I had to start all over.  

I started thinking about investing when I began making more money as investing is more widespread in Finland compared to Russia. I started investing a portion of my funds in various funds organized by banks. I did so for 7-8 years after which I transferred to a more serious level of investing where the minimum investment amount was 100 thousand euro. I could choose what tools to use and how risky they can be — the profitability margin depends on this. A bank provides access to information, invites to meetings and discussions. Investors have all the information available to them.  

As the result, I’ve been an investor for 20 years now, while I’m only working with Gem4me currently. Active investors are also entrepreneurs here. We invite people and receive monetary rewards, as well as, are creating our own portfolios of shares. A portion of those whom we invite become our partners. 

Crowdinvesting is an interesting way to invest that came to us from United States. I know various stories of how people who’ve created something original gathered funds online to make their idea come true. 

It is risky as a product may not become widespread, although it provides entrepreneurs a chance to organize and create something, while those people who don’t have access to other forms of investing can participate and get a chance of major profits.

When an entrepreneur takes out a loan in a bank for a business venture, he or she must pay it back with interest even if it is not successful. Moreover, this loan may also be denied. Crowdinvesting is a structure that allows for people to invest minor amounts in projects, the loss of which would not be detrimental in case of failure, but could also yield astronomical profits in case of success. I believe that crowdinvesting is a prospective notion that will continue developing throughout the world. 

In case of Gem4me - it is an exclusive club where one can join by invitation. It so happened that the person whom I’ve helped decided to express his gratitude by telling me about this project. I realized its potential right away and understood that the messenger can become as major as WhatsApp or Viber. Being able to participate in this is a colossal opportunity that simply can’t be missed. I made the decision and made the initial investment right away without a single doubt in my mind. 

I see the grandiose perspectives of the project and am happy to be a part of it.  I am truly motivated by the fact that investors are co-owners of the project. It is remarkable to be a co-owner of a multibillion dollar project. I know that technological development of the messenger will be completed successfully, which is why I am promoting it so actively. Investors whom I’ve introduced to the project are spread throughout Russia, Finland, Germany and even Kazakhstan. I am foreseeing the moment when we launch the major promotional campaign and the project will become widely known all over the world. My wife and I have major plans based on the sale of Gem4me and we are also planning to participate in the company’s following projects.

I am able to see how my peers stopped dreaming after accomplishing a certain milestone in their lives and lost the desire to strive ahead. On the other hand, we are striving towards the bright future! We are happy with each of the company’s accomplishment, every new million of users and each new functionality that is introduced to our application.

Moreover, we are actively participating in all of the conferences, meetings and have already attended the events in Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  This lifestyle brought us many new friends as we are continuously interacting with people from various cities and countries. Additionally, the company also hosts annual corporate holidays for its investors in the most exotic and remarkable places on Earth. My wife and I haven’t missed a single corporate holiday since 2016 and we’ve now been to South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Bali. The company’s holidays can’t be compared to an average trip: it truly ignites and inspires you when there are 50 to 100 like-minded people around you. I feel amazing and know that there is a bright future ahead due to our company. 

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