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Review of Gem4me by Pavel Zhdanov and Lyudmila Strachkova


Investors from all over the world continue sharing their stories of how they found the Gem4me platform with our readers. Two stories of entrepreneurs leaving traditional business for investing and what happened next.

Lyudmila Strachkova, entrepreneur, business coach, investor from Canada

I am a typical representative of small and medium-sized business. I sold my small winery in 2016, as competing with billion-dollar corporations was becoming more and more challenging, while continuously growing costs and the need to decrease prices for maintaining a customer base did not allow to expect serious profits.  

Gem4me project offers perspectives and opportunities that no traditional business can even dream of! Results have to be desperately fought for, which is why I am strictly working on developing and promoting our application.  

I’ve always invested in my own business and real estate, as well as, I have extensive experience of investing in stocks and securities.  

Investing in real estate has always yielded great results for me, which can not be said about my acquaintances. There is an opinion that investments in real estate are practically risk-free, yet that is not true. There are many different factors that can lead to both generating profits and suffering losses. For instance, it is crucial to time the purchase and the sale of a property correctly depending on the market situation, while considering location features and perspectives of its development, as well as, having a certain amount of funds available in case it is not possible to sell or rent the property within the timeframe necessary.  Mistakes are costly, while this very type of investment does require large amounts. 

Investing in stocks and securities was not of high interest for me at the time, as profits from even the most successful trades would not influence my standard of living by much. It would be short-sighted for me to invest large amounts considering the risks I faced at the time. 

I believe that crowdinvesting is a prospective and socially fair type of investing which offers opportunities of profits for anyone, even those in a difficult financial situation. Startups which use crowdinvesting as a financing form consider all the risks during the initial stage of their development. Risks must always be thought out and calculated in advance. This type of investing allows for anyone to use the chance of victory and success with an affordable amount, the loss of which would not bankrupt the family in case of failure. You risk much more at the end if you don't allow yourself to take risks! There are never victories without risks! 

It is not the products that are truly valuable on the world’s markets today, but rather the users, which is why I worked with the company that I considered to be most prospective: creating an international commercial network through which innovative products can be introduced to the market. 

Frankly speaking, back when the administration offered for us to create our own messenger I did not know how to react. It took three days of gathering information about what sectors were the most prospective and more profitable, what startups and venture investments are, the risks and profits that investors get in case such projects succeed… Several days and nights later I was unable to sleep due to potential perspectives and questions of how possible it is to make such global plans realize themselves. I broke down all the aspects step by step and realized that there is nothing impossible. 

I weighed all the risks of investing during the project’s initial stage when there was just a mere idea that needed to be realized and chose the most expensive, yet, most profitable package of shares to purchase which cost $3000 back then. I purchased this package as I prefer to receive maximized results from my investments and efforts. 

Successful startups in the sector of IT technologies yield major profits for its investors, thousands of percent in profit.  Not one other sector of the economy boasts such indicators, even operating businesses are not able to grow investment amounts in such numbers. 

Gem4me project allowed me to join an international business of major potential and estimated super-profitability with an affordable amount. Moreover, participation in the project not only allowed me to drastically increase my financial well-being, but to also be proud of participating in creating a convenient and in-demand international application with much needed services. 

I understood the high risks during the initial stage of investing in the project, back when there was just a mere idea and an unstoppable desire to create it; although, the proportion of invested amount to potential profitability destroyed all doubts.  

It is simply impossible to establish a traditional business, whether it is a store or a restaurant, or even own production with a starting amount of just $3000. Add essential monthly expenses before the business breaks even, as well as, fierce competition and potential failure. Profits are not high even in case of successful development and sufficient turnover. 

The risks were about 99% and only 1% success rate at the time of my first purchase of shares! There was only 1 chance, but it was there! It would be criminal negligence to miss this chance. Furthermore, it would be unfortunate to lose the invested amount, of course, yet it would not affect my living conditions much, although a successful outcome would allow me to solve numerous tasks and offer major perspectives which left no doubts in my mind.  

I increased my investment capital as our application was developing further. Currently, the application has 12 million of users all over the world, conducts regular audits of the messenger portion which depict its rapid capitalization, as well as, the release of eurobonds on the European branch of NASDAQ all represent a sharp reduction of all investment risks. 

Due to the economic crisis, pandemic and a rapid increase in demand for the services that we are developing I am expecting a faster completion of technological development and a prompt growth of the user base. As a result, the chance of an application being sold sooner means higher profits for us.

I am expecting for a new startup to be launched once the project is finalized and profits are distributed between the investors. Our developers are able to  determine market demands promptly and offer the best solutions for it, while all the components of succeeding were worked out in the first project.

Pavel Zhdanov, entrepreneur, investor from Russia

Prior to my participation in the Gem4me project I manufactured upholstery and cabinet furniture, owned a sewing factory as an individual entrepreneur.  

I joined Gem4me in 2018 after closing two of my businesses. I had no previous experience of investing in  third parties back then - I would create my own. At a certain point, I noticed that my businesses were quite vulnerable, I was unsure of their future due to high competition. As a result, I looked for new income streams that would provide a secure future for my family for years to come.  

I learned about the project a year before I actually joined it. There were various reviews about Gem4me. I was introduced to it by not so competent individuals who did not fully understand how the project works themselves. Therefore, I did not pay much attention to the offer. Later on I was told about the project by my acquaintances who fully understood the specifics of investing, were introduced to the administrations and developers, read all the documents and agreed with the goals that the company is pursuing.  I also spent some time to fully study the project, made the decision to invest my funds in it and joined the team. 

Venture investments have a high risk, yet very high reward. It is crucial to understand that risks are prevalent in any kind of business. One can open a grocery store tomorrow, although there are no guarantees that it will be profitable and competitors will not  bypass it. 

I decided to join the project as, in my opinion, the risks are minimal here due to the project operating in the area of IT technologies - the most in-demand industry currently. The world is changing rapidly, many businesses suffer losses while online commerce becomes more and more prevalent, most communication is online as well - maintaining and growing one’s savings can be done in this exact sector of the market at this time.  Investing in new and in-demand technologies is smart.

I joined the project with the amount of 240 thousand rubles, while I also continued investing funds thereafter. Moreover, my mother who is retired, also purchased two investment packages at 240 thousand rubles each.  

It is often that people don’t know where to invest their savings into. Banks don’t yield high percentages, while participating in dubious projects and financial pyramids is a loss of money. Not everyone knows how to earn on the stock market, while Gem4me MarketSpace provides people with the opportunity to earn more than in a bank or on a stock exchange platform. 

This type of investment can be seen as revolutionary and much in-demand. Furthermore, a new law of financing new and innovative businesses through crowdinvesting was introduced in Russia in 2020 — financing with a large amount of people.  

New technologies are rapidly taking over the world. As of today, governments of numerous countries, large corporations, businessmen and common people are in need to use electronic commercial platforms and payment gateways in order to be more efficient and survive the tough competition. You can see the rapid speed of new commercial platforms and online stores developing right in front of your eyes. 

Gem4me allows for people to participate in a new stage of economic development. It became one of the first crowdinvesting companies to offer an opportunity for a large number of people to participate in investing in an international IT project. 

We are all creating a commercial and financial platform that will allow for anyone to register on the platform to purchase and sell any products or services with ease.  

Commerce has always been the driving force of any economy, while new markets are now being created online which will allow to conduct business with no boundaries or limitations. Anyone is able to offer products and services, which will help to decrease the cost of products and will increase competitiveness of various businesses.  

I am excited to participate in the Gem4me project as it will be in much demand by the world. Not only our generation will use it, but also future ones and millions of people all over the world. 

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