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«I just can’t resist but share valuable knowledge!»


Olga Kudinova

Lecturer of an international class in Save Invest consulting company (Switzerland)

Head of the Department of investment and insurance products sales

Instructor of financial literacy and smart investment 

Head of the Regional Gem4me office in Krasnodar (September 2018)

I’ve been working in the industry of financial services for more than 25 years. I graduated from the People’s Friendship University of Moscow, while my first degree is finances and trades, and the second degree is in education, particularly teaching very specific disciplines. At a certain point in my career in Uralsib corporation I had to participate in the market of financial services where I was able to build a respectable career.

When the time to retire came, I decided to start relaxing while also continue to work in education simultaneously. I am a financial literacy and smart investment teacher. This subject is rather applicable nowadays which is the reason why it was easy to find a job after I retired and I was very excited to fully submerge in the topic. Although, it wasn’t for long!

I worked as a teacher for a year. My student’s favorite subject was principles and foundations of entrepreneurship. I believe this is rather important that younger generations are more open towards this topic nowadays. They understand: a diploma is one notion, while it is not enough to successfully realize oneself and one needs to search for appropriate application for one’s talents.

I joined Gem4me unexpectedly, and am grateful for it introducing me to such an instrument as venture investment. I worked abroad for 5 years in Austrian insurance agencies and was well-versed in the tools of financial accumulation. In general, I had an understanding that this market was closed for quite some time. Perhaps, it was for some time, as I thought that this topic would boil over and bypass me, although life prepared a surprise for me. 

I have three daughters. My oldest daughter had recently married the only son of my close friend, Lyudmila Novoselova, with whom I’ve worked in Uralsib previously. At the wedding the groom’s parents gifted them not money, but rather a package of shares of Gem4me, saying: 

“This is an unusual present as we are giving you shares of a serious company that will allow you to purchase a house of your dreams on the nearest time”.

Most importantly, half of the guests approached Lyudmila during the first break, that was a marvelous marketing move! Lyudmila said: “I am ont a local person and will be leaving back to Kirov in 3 days, but you have Olga here, who will help you and will tell you everything you need to know”. That is how I joined Gem4me.

There were still 10 days until the school year commences and I simply couldn't fully submerge in the project right away. My daughter asked to inspect the serious documents that they were gifted and logged in to her Shareholder Account. Based on my financial knowledge and background I instantly knew that the project was totally real. I did have some questions on the legal side of the project and started learning more about that portion. 

It turned out that the company was in need of a manager for the office in Krasnodar and I was the perfect candidate due to my competence. The company’s representatives came to discuss further and that is when I learned how the project is structured and was able to fully comprehend its financial background. The only aspect that would hold me back at the time was my knowledge of the IT industry. Although, it was not a problem as I was visited by the company’s investors Aleksander Pivovar and Vladimir Samonov who were able to fully introduce me to the field and in a matter of three days I made the decision to leave my teaching join and started working with Gem4me full time.

Today, I am able to look abc and be reassured of the righteousness in me choosing Gem4me as my future path and I am sincerely grateful to everyone who participated. I understood what an important and crucial topic could have bypassed me! There was a chance I wouldn't even participate in this wonderful project. 

I am in love with our Gem4me and understand it from inside out. At the time when I just started listening to the conferences of our administration I was truly inspired with how new information is systemically delivered each week.  We learn about not only what is being done but also what is being planned. We are not only supported by the information - we also are actual participants of the process. 

We admire the work of our testers: as soon as an error is found technical specialists are contacted and they resolve the issue in almost no time. Moreover, they also explain the cause of the error and how it can be fixed: in essence, they tell us what buttons to press. Not all startup shareholders can influence the outcome of events in such a manner. We are very tight-knit at the stage of the project’s creation — a distinct and unique feature of Gem4me. Perhaps, that is the reason for why investors don't have many questions as they are fully submerged in the process and see how the project is growing along with its value.  

In a few years the whole world will be using our messenger and we will be proud to tell our children and grandchildren that we partook in this major project! 

At the time when I joined the project, the messenger was 75% complete and I knew that it was approaching completion. I was sad to leave my teaching position, which I truly enjoyed doing, for the sake of a few years with Gem4me. However, I spoke with Zoya Samonova and she told me that there are many more projects to come and even a creation of an education center in the future. That is when I realized that my teaching experience would be quite useful. 

Being just an investor is one thing: I could invest and wait. However, the rate of activity with which I joined the workforce and the impact that the company is thanking me with for my active participation in the promotion of the project allows me to say with confidence that my whole life I was on the path to fully unleash my professional skill set.