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Family Story


We continue the cycle of “family” interviews - people who join Gem4me with all of their families. Last time we spoke with Alexander and Natalya Afanasyev, while today we are publishing an interview with two brothers - Anton and Aleksander Pivovar.

Aleksander:I’ve managed to engage in various types of entrepreneurship throughout my life: had my own legal company, sold products and services. I’ve never was interested in investing. Gem4me — is my first investing experience and I am now fully submerged in the project. 

I had negative thoughts back when I was just introduced to Gem4me. I just couldn't believe that such a minor financing amount would be able to create a truly respectable project. Crowdinvesting is not tens of millions of dollars and works with hard-earned money. However, now that I know much more about the project I am confident in its major future.

I will discuss the moment that was a turning point for me in further detail.

Initially, my mother was the first one to join the project. She contacted my brother and I for support and advice back when she had just joined Gem4me, and I destroyed the idea of her being a part of the project right away. I told her that it is practically impossible and that crowdinvesting would not work in such a project, as well as, I did not participate in the project for the next 2 years. 

Moreover, we had a taboo in our family: we would ont discuss Gem4me when we were gathered as a family. I had a very skeptical approach towards the project at the time, but then the following occurred.

Once I visited my mom without prior notice and entered her office. She was not aware that I was behind her and I heard her conversation with the Board of Directors. My mother was discussing the version of application and connection protocols, while not long ago she did not even know what a messenger is and was learning how to pronounce the word correctly! I realized how she evolved professionally, while this was of my main doubts initially. I would tell her: “You don't fully understand this market sector and will not be able to grow there. How will you promote the messenger if your phone still has buttons on it? How will you install teh application if you don’t know what it looks like and where to download it from?”. After seeing her growth and improvement I became interested in what they've developed so far, studied the messenger and was especially interested in the developers, Synesis, with whom I had to cooperate at my last job. That was the moment when I realized how serious everything was — I joined the project at that time. 

As I realized at a later point, many went through a similar path as me of not taking the project seriously at first. I am now working hard and am actively participating in the life of Gem4me to make up for the two years I was stagnant.

Projects like such are of much need for humanity currently. Especially at a time of a pandemic when many are forced to stay at home and when offline purchases and in-person meetings are not possible, MarketSpace and communication — are the two exact notions that are of much need. We are on the right path and major success awaits us. We will also support the promotional efforts of future projects as well.

Anton:I am a young father and most of my time is taken by Gem4me. This is my first and only global project that I invested in. I’ve known about it from it’s very first moment due to my direct mentor — my mother. That is why I still remember Gem4me with its very first logo and are aware of the project that were before it.  My brother and I are working on Gem4me now: we create websites, are actively promoting it and host meetings. This takes quite a lot of time but we simply couldn’t stay on the sidelines. 

I think that Gem4me’s true power is its Army of Fans - highly-motivated and interested people who are ready to not only invest but also devote time to the project and continuously promote it. These people have sincere belief in the project and are closely involved in its promotion and introduce new people to it. 

There were minor doubts in the very beginning but I still believed in the project. My brother was more skeptical at first, while I supported my other and was positive in this regard, while in the process I realized that I also made the absolute right decision. As of now, each member of our family has a solid portfolio of shares. 

Moreover, I respect crowdinvesting as a structure on its own, I am a part of certain groups discussing it on social media. It is such a powerful tendency that allows for people to get together from all over the world and create truly global notions thread by thread. It is impossible to not support this tendency!

I am eager for the moment of the Gem4me application getting sold to come, I believe in its success and know that this is by far not the last of the company’s creations. I am also planning to participate in new projects in the future and to continue earning and increasing my capital. 

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