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Family History


Gem4me not only provides the opportunity to effectively invest funds, but also helps to realize one’s business potential, start dreaming bolder and get a new, more intense taste of life. We spoke with Victor and Galina Smolyakov to learn more about their story.  


I used to forward Gem4me links to Victor that Aleksey Uvarov would send me back in 2016, but my husband had a principle to not invest in other people’s businesses and would not be interested in learning more about Gem4me. It is typical for a person to reject notions that he or she does not fully understand and requires learning — just common human psychology. I imagined how long it would take to fully become familiar with such an extensive and new topic, as there was no time to devote and I was working on my own projects back then. Victor did not want to get involved in something new either. 

My husband and I went to the United States in 2017 and we met Aleksey in person there. He said that not only did he make money with the project, but also created an investment portfolio worth $23 million. I told my husband right after and he agreed to speak with Aleksey to get some more details from him. 


We gathered on a fishing trip with a rather large group of people, where I did not know many. We were given the equipment and we started fishing, when Aleksey approached me. He told me many different notions but I didn’t understand much and we agreed to meet after the trip to discuss in further details. That is when a funny moment occurred, everyone was doing very well fishing-wise and even 12 year-old kids managed to catch something, but not me. I’ve decided the following: I had to catch something very special since my luck was not shining on me just yet. So it happened — an octopus! Everyone came over to take pictures with it, while Galina knew that it was a sign and we joined the project the next day.  


I know that my husband is very rational in terms of money and has a very responsible approach to it. He would talk with Aleksey Uvarov for the next few evenings after we joined the project, as we’ve invested about $17 thousand over the course of the week. 


We used to study until 10PM and would meet with Aleksey at 11PM up until 3AM at times when he would teach me. I was not fully aware of the IT industry as I’ve always had employees working in this field for me. Now was the time to learn myself! Turns out not only the project is interesting, but it also motivates to improve and develop further. My knowledge in the area of IT has grown drastically.

We also went to a conference in Belarus as well where we were able to see the company, meet the developers from Synesis and became fully confident in investing our funds in the company.


One day I was at home in a bad mood some time prior to joining the project. Victor asked me why I was so upset and I said that I wanted to fly in business class! We fly to the United States quite frequently, which is a long and extensive flight, and we are always in economy. Victor cheered me up and promised that we would come up with a solution, and so it happened! 

We started dreaming big when we joined Gem4me, we created a whole strategy and are continuously increasing our portfolio of shares. 

Next, we decided to purchase an apartment. We lived in a country house prior to this and wanted to travel more, while a home requires constant attention. Moreover, I’ve always wanted to create something with a modern touch to it. We found our dream apartment, ideal and very stylish. Due to the fact that we already were a part of the project our whole perception has changed: we did all the expensive changes to the apartment right away.

We went to Mauritius and met the team more closely back in 2019. We submerged even deeper in the project during the next corporate trip to Bali and decided to take on a leadership role.

There must always be a goal, without it even money is useless. Money needs to be earned for a reason, and our horizons had truly widened. We have always been entrepreneurs, yet any of our businesses had a certain limit. On the other hand, there is no limit in our project, as it is an international project of an unbelievable scale. We are continuously working on ourselves and are improving. 


Yet another important reason for why we joined the project is it’s administration. Having communicated and met these people we understood that we truly want to be apart of the project. We are businessmen ourselves and we know that any partnership is held by people. When such people inspire you right from the get go, the intuition rarely disappoints. Our administration has so much knowledge, wisdom and competence, as well as, they work very hard. I know how difficult it is to have a business. So much knowledge is required especially when a project starts operating in various countries! We are constantly admiring how Gem4me’s administration overcomes all the obstacles while bringing a positive mindset and ignites people. 


I have an extensive experience in developing various projects. I went to study in the UK back in 1998 and had suddenly realized that my english was not so good. That is when I realized how crucial the language is for the modern world. I found a proven technology of learning and launched my own school. I am also fond of dressing up, which is why I founded the project in a stylish way, where each individual receives a unique image.  

And lastly, my core business venture is an online relationship school. Working online was a true challenge for me as there are so many technical notions to be aware of, most of which I don’t fully understand. Despite that, I keep on learning! I created a course that 30 students are now finishing. Every minute was crucial while I was creating the course, Victor helped me by taking care of the house and cooking. After all, he is a professional chef.

I believe that a woman must motivate and inspire a man. A wife is the main creator in the family, while the man takes up the ideas and starts bringing them to life. Money is earned with excitement when a person’s family is happy. Happiness is possible! This statement is based on my own knowledge. 


I am now 63 years old and my peers are very different from us. Galina is always coming up with some new ideas and we are constantly working on something. It is sad to realize that not many are seeing life for what it is like we do. 

I frequently remind myself of an instance when I saw a man yelling at his wife for her wanting a new pair of shoes. At that moment I realized that I also used to be the same way. In reality, the man was mad not at his wife but rather at himself for not being able to afford buying her the shoes. That is the essence. Every person that finds himself in a similar situation needs to work on resolving it. One needs to strive for more, search for new opportunities and sophisticate oneself. Don't give up and complain, get to work!

We are constantly monitoring the latest Gem4me developments, introduce new participants and are getting closer to one one major common goal. This truly changes one’s way of thinking, breaks the comfort of established routine and depicts life from new perspectives. It is best to try in order to fully understand this sensation

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