The first time I heard about Gem4me in Bali. The first impression was that this is a good application that the world will need in the future. I especially liked that with it, people from different countries can not only exchange messages, but also buy and sell their own products.

I am sure that the Gem4me application will be able to unite people from all over the world. It will not only erase the boundaries for business, but will also help us interact more freely with each other. I feel that Gem4me will be a new era app that will change the way we do business and improve the global economy.

Kohei Noda
Tokyo, Japan

I like to use the messenger because it is ideal for personal needs and for business. It is stable with unstable Internet, suppresses surrounding noise, which is suitable for business negotiations, works in those countries where other messengers do not work or have restrictions, this allows you to save customers in one field of activity.

Inside the messenger there is the ability to create markets. I did not involve a programmer for this. I have my own stud farm. I opened a market for selling foals in a few minutes while driving and while standing at the red traffic light at the intersection. This year I sold 8 foals and 1 of them through the built-in market in the Gem4me messenger.

The messenger is still young, but it is nice to realize that more and more people from my phone book delete other messengers and switch to Gem4me. I run my personal public for 1000 people in the messenger and run my business related to the digital platform through it. And another interesting case, recently a distant relative phoned through Gem4me, with whom I spoke last time in 22 years and lost contact with her because of a divorce. She was looking for me for 28 years, tried the search engines, social networks and other messengers, nothing helped. But once friends asked her to download Gem4me, she saw my review and immediately called. It was a wonderful voice quality, every experience in the voice was clearly audible, to tears. Gem4me brings people together.

Eduard Vitko
Kiev, Ukraine

Gem4me Application:

  1. Able to send files that have a large size. Example: Whatsapp and Gmail are not able to send 100MB files, but Gem4me can do it easily.
  2. Gem4me is able to send all types of file formats that cannot be done by other messenger applications.
  3. The number of group members is unlimited.
  4. Gem4me has a market space that is not available by many applications. In this world only Wechat has a market space but only in the Chinese market. Marketspace Gem4me will cover markets worldwide.
  5. Has the latest news channels from several countries. 

Suggestion for next Features :

  • Delete chat automaticaly
  • Can make Private Status
  • Call auto translation
  • Smart wallet will available in nearest time

Gem4me is a full-fledged messenger that accumulates in itself all the best that was on the market earlier and, in addition, offers completely new opportunities. For example, Marketspace functionality will be implemented in it. This is what distinguishes Gem4me from other applications, and thanks to such features, Gem4me will become the best messenger in the world.

Edwin Soru

Today I use different means of communication. I have several messengers installed on my smartphone, each one is needed for specific goals and objectives. But a special relation to the Gem4me messenger. And now, most of my friends already use Gem4me.

What do I like about the Gem4me messenger?

Everything in it is intuitively simple and extremely clear.

The main convenience is multiple services in one place, in one program.

I’ll tell you about the most important for me.

In group chats there is no limit on the number of users, this is a serious advantage. Availability of information channels. All the information I need, all that I'm interested in, I get from information channels. I myself have several information channels and it’s very convenient that there are public and closed channels, channels for my club.

I have a need to send to my subscribers and receive from them files of such formats (extensions) that cannot be sent in other instant messengers. It is very convenient that the file size for sending does not matter.

A big plus is that messages, pictures, video and audio files do not clog the phone’s memory. By default, media files are not saved and do not overload the smartphone’s memory. If I need to save something to a smartphone or to the cloud, then I save it myself.

A very convenient feature that I often use, due to the fact that T9 helps to print my messages, is editing my messages. And another big plus is that I can delete a message at any time, no matter how much time has passed since the message was sent.

I like to use stickers that informatively convey my emotions. High quality audio. I am waiting for the inclusion of new functions - video calling and video conferencing, as well as the function I need, like a screen demonstration.

The passport system in Gem4me confirms the real user data, so I’m sure with whom I communicate.

Today Gem4me helps me not only in communication, but also in doing business. Conveniently, all this is in one program.

A completely new service, something that is not found in any messenger, is the built-in Marketspace (marketplace). Already now I have the opportunity to select and order the product or service that is presented in MarketSpace, without switching to other programs, without installing other additional market applications. And it’s very convenient that a direct connection with the seller is right here in the Gem4me messenger. The more MarketSpace is filled with shops, goods, services, the more convenient it becomes to communicate and close your needs.

It is very simple to open your own markets, or a representation of the company and it is easy to manage your business. The essential convenience is that I can use the messenger on the computer. This is the most convenient web-version, where there is also voice communication.

A special plus is that Gem4me has a Favorites folder in which I can take notes, save valuable messages, links and photos.

Why do I use the Gem4me messenger?

Because it is convenient, simple, and there is that functional, necessary for me, which helps to solve many problems at once.

Alexander Potapov
Moscow, Russia

I have been using the Gem4me app for a long time. Lived with him all the versions since 16! Recently, when there was a pause in communication on Gem before updating. I switched to other messengers. And really, it was not comfortable. It's like moving from a personal Mercedes to a rented Lanos.

In the last update, we were waiting for the connection speed. And cheers! It is happened! Instant connection! The quality of communication, of course, is on top. I called my friend. And as if she was not for 1 thousand km, but right in front of me. I look forward to video conferencing!

I liked the updated design of the Market. Very pleasant. Special thanks to the developers for the admin panel for the seller. It is now displayed in the menu!

As a regular user, I know all the hidden features of Gem4me. Great desire until the end of spring to see Gem in full functionality!

Irina Antonenkova
Kiev, Ukraine
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